Welcome, Bryson fans!

As a somewhat nascent site with (ahem) limited traffic, we couldn’t help but notice QUITE a spike of late. And almost all of it is from folks searching for Bryson DeChambeau on their search engine of choice, and finding our writeup of his literally insane video, Quarantine. We hoped you enjoyed it. Note that on occasion, we also refer to Bryson as the ThiccBoi, the Big Golfer, the Fraudulent Physicist, or various other nicknames that aren’t always meant to be charitable. In fairness, we’ve stolen many of these nicknames from other great sources, so we are being both mean AND unoriginal!

Yes, this is the same human.

While you’re here, pull up a chair and stay awhile. We think we have some good things to share, whether it’s terrible betting advice in fantasy golf, our own takes on how to improve your game, why should probably be watching more LPGA, or the best names in professional golf. And so much more!

And yes, we’ll have a lot more about this guy, because he’s kind of the content god of golf these days:

Let’s be perfectly clear. Everything in that video, INCLUDING THIS SCENE, was Bryson approved.

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