But … what about us?

Hey there! Thanks for visiting Talking To A Fade. We took our name from a famous Lee Trevino quote: You can talk to a fade all day, but a hook won’t listen. Like you, we’re not TOTALLY sure what this means.

We are three guys, in our middle years, who love playing and watching golf and thought it would make more sense to stop with the awkward group texts and put it down somewhere more permanent. And where someone like you would stumble upon it, perhaps have regrets or perhaps decide to stick around for awhile and join the fun.

AC – Our fearless leader (mostly because he’s the oldest, but also because this was his idea), AC can absolutely pound the driver – that is, if it’s in his bag. It’s more frequently in the penalty box, thinking about what it did wrong. He also uses iron covers. Let him have it.

Bobbycuts – The younger and more handsome brother of AC, he has by far the best game of the three of us, and if GHIN is to be believed, has broken 70 in the last year. A true Renaissance man, Bobbycuts has game from on course to on screen, and won’t make you feel bad that he just outdrove your driver with a hybrid.

Greebs – Meet the middle handicapper of the group, who didn’t pick up golf at all until his late 20’s. Obsessive about the game, as well as in planning expensive golf trips his wife knows about but doesn’t ask too many questions. While he’s threatened to break 80 in the last few years, it’s just as likely that his game is a pure, unadulterated shambles.

What People Say (Probably)

These guys help me with my game on the field, and keep me correct when I’m off it.

When – not if – I win #83, it’s in honor of these guys. Man, they know how to grow the game.

Tiger Woods

When I’m not regaling the golf media with fake physics, or supporting corrupt regimes in the Middle East, there’s nothing I like more than reading Talking To A Fade.

Bryson DeChambeau

Neither of these quotes are true. We’re idiots, and we find this funny. Please don’t sue us.

The Talking To a Fade Crew

Let’s build something together.