Hit Draws and Fades Like a Boss

Lots of players think about working the ball but few actually have the nards or beave to try it. They either don’t know how or whatever they’ve learned is too complicated! Enter my main main Bobby D Cuts, the resident not-PGA professional for TTAF. Even in the midst of a rare May snowstorm Cuts clearly demonstrates a simple yet effective way to reach tucked left and tucked right pins.

We hope you enjoy this new offering at TTAF aimed specifically at elite players with +1 to +9 handies. We’re hopeful this will be a smash success and will serve as a warning to Martin Chuck and George Gankas because there’s a new dog on the YouTube golf instructor block . As he often says, Bobby D is “24/7 straight squishin'”. Other signature catchphrases you might be familiar with are “don’t forget to flush” and “time to take the donuts.” And who could forget his signature on-the-nose reminders like “hips in, tucked left pin” and “tail’s out, fade now”. Keep watching and you’ll be saying “mission accomplished” and “you’re welcome” just like the Bobster.

Golf Pass, sign his ass up! Shout out to Tristan and Johanny.

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