The Battle of Golf Pants: Hovland v. Van Rooyen

Avid readers may remember a post from several months ago when I railed against Erik van Rooyen’s “joggers,” mainly because they made me feel like an old man for having an opinion about them at all. For reference, this is what Erik is sporting:

Keeping that in mind, let’s try to put Viktor Hovland’s pants in perspective. This is what he busted out this week at the Traveler’s Championship:

I mean, in no uncertain terms these are also sweatpants. The racing stripe is the tell – honestly, if it wasn’t there, I am not sure I could discern between these and basic black golf pants, albeit slightly loose ones.

So, which is “better?” Certainly, we are talking about the lesser of two evils here.

But if I had to choose one of these to wear, it’s not really a hard choice – I’m going with Viktor Hovland’s pants. Why did I choose these?

  1. They look even more comfortable. And if you remove the racing stripe, they’re way more aggressive. Not so with the joggers.
  2. Speaking of which, if you’re wearing pants, you shouldn’t be showing off your ankles.
  3. I thought of a headline like “To the Viktor goes the spoils” and I can’t say it didn’t influence me.
  4. I also like Viktor Hovland as a golfer even more than van Rooyen. I also can’t say that this wasn’t a factor.
  5. These look like they’d be a bit more flattering on a thicker sized fella, which is a factor for this writer.

To the Viktor goes the spoils!


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