Phil Mickelson Has Entered The Chat

In a prior post, I old-man ranted about golfers wearing joggers, and whether Viktor Hovland’s wardrobe choice was better than Erik van Rooyen’s. (Spoiler alert: They were.)

And then, before I drifted off to sleep last night, the following pictures showed up on my Instagram feed:

So, inevitably, the question is — are THESE joggers the best of worst of the bunch?

SO many variables to include here, the first and foremost is that Phil is 50 years old. He absolutely has no business wearing joggers in public to do anything but a quick run to the supermarket or hardware store. Putting that aside, there’s also the fact that Phil is wearing ALL black, including his sunglasses and shoes. I’m really not sure what’s going on here, unless Phil is trying to highlight that he’s lost a bunch of weight (which, it seems, he has!).

He looks like a cop. A cop wearing joggers.

The answer to this question is complicated, but in short, YES these are the best version of the joggers we’ve seen. If these two accounts hadn’t made it a discussion point, I likely wouldn’t have noticed it OR I would have thought that Phil was wearing some relatively tight pants. (As opposed to the pinstriped suit pants he sometimes wears, which look so uncomfortable I can’t continue to think about them.) If you’re going to wear joggers, please don’t draw attention to it. And that’s what Phil is doing here.

Sort of. Because really, everything about Phil’s wardrobe choices here scream that he wants attention. It’s just a matter of days before he monetizes those sunglasses with some sort of activation, and perhaps the joggers are next. But if folks are going to wear joggers on the course, these are the best version we’ve seen yet.

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