Who NOT to Take in DraftKings This Week: The Tour Championship

So, here we are – the last event of the regular 2020 season, where absolutely nothing has been regular. And we head to East Lake, where we very confusingly start with certain golfers having an edge. Dustin Johnson starts off -10, Jon Rahm at -8, and so on. It stacks the deck in an effort to be akin to playoff seeding and too many other folks have written at length about why it’s stupid or smart, so I’ll skip that particular dip in the pool.

But remember, DraftKings isn’t JUST about where you finish, it’s how you get there. So while I’m going to be going after players I think are good shots to win, I also want to get folks who are more likely to make birdies and eagles, and less likely to put up bogeys or worse. As such, I’ve constructed two separate lineups.

I’ll add this – I can’t do ANY better for you than this photo which is, theoretically, the field at East Lake. Some of these are SO bad they’re great.

I dare you to find Webb Simpson in this drawing.

So, here’s who I’m going with. I’m adding the score they’ll start the tournament in as a bonus.

GolferPriceStarting ScoreGolferPriceStarting Score
Dustin Johnson$15,200-10Jon Rahm$10,200-8
Daniel Berger$9,100-4Webb Simpson$11,000-6
Tony Finau$8,200-2Sung Jae Im$7,300-4
Kevin Kisner$6,800-1Tyrrell Hatton$7,000-2
Cameron Champ$5,300EJoaquin Niemann$6,300-2
Mackenzie Hughes$5,200ELanto Griffin $5,600-2

On the left, it’s a real stars and scrubs (in the sense that there can be a scrub in this limited field event of the top-30 golfers on tour this season). Champ and Hughes start a full ten strokes back of Dustin Johnson, which given how DJ is playing could be insurmountable.

On the left, it’s a bit more even though I couldn’t resist taking the guy in 2nd, Jon Rahm, who is only two strokes back and coming off a win at the BMW. Webb, who IS actually in that drawing above (with a beard that makes him look frighteningly like Abe Ancer) is a pretty good value here too. Sung Jae Im hasn’t played well at ALL recently but a) he’s a tremendous golfer and b) he looks SO HAPPY in that drawing. Just look at him!

Hatton, Niemann and Griffin are picks I’m genuinely happy with, which means they’ll probably eject by Friday evening. (Note: The tournament doesn’t start until Friday, going through Monday’s Labor Day holiday.)

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