Sean Foley Has the Best Hair in the Game

Sean Foley has the best hair, abs and tats of any swing coach on Tour and it’s not even close. In preparing this music video, I spent considerable time on the Google image search screens and was blown away by the volume of produced photo shoots Folsey has participated in. No question he has done more than 99% of all players on Tour and at least half of the guys from One Direction (ain’t no one can touch Styles and Zayn!). He is USDA Prime beef; more tender than Japanese A5 Wagyu, full stop. Dusty should consider himself very lucky to have won Paulina’s heart because with a good pair of 6-8″ lifts Seanie would have had her reading the Chinese letters off the small of his back before dinner was even served. But I doubt my man even gives it a thought, and if he did I bet he would just bust out the Confucius and get himself straight right quick before he used those ground forces on whatever smokeshow he wanted from the Vyce Lounge in Orlando.

All of the above was my inspiration for writing this song. No drugs were used to come up with my lyrics; it’s just my daydream about getting the chance to work with the master and learn all about cardiothoracic tilt.

Some caveats…. The song is not intended to be a pleasing experience so hold your criticism. It’s artistic. And yes I’m aware the song sounds a bit like the 90s Wilson Phillips smash hit “Hey Santa” but if you listen real close and backwards they are very different. Like one song is about wanting to do inappropriate things with a bearded jolly fat man and another is about wanting top-of-the-line assistance to fix my golf swing. Mine also has some hyper aggressive sax riffs so just get off it.

Much love.

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