Who NOT to Take In DraftKings This Week: The Northern Trust

We’ve arrived at the first week of the FedEx Playoffs, which feels super weird as there just haven’t been the requisite amount of events leading up to this. Which means we have folks like Brendan Todd and Lanto Griffin currently in the top-10 of the Fed Ex Cup points. So be it! Let’s roll.

Last week, I absolutely fell on my face with the lineup I posted here for the Wyndham. Justin Rose and Charles Howell III missed the cut, and the four guys who DID make it didn’t much distinguish themselves except for Kevin Kisner (T3), who I went with on a hunch because he’s a Carolina guy. And in true DK fashion, I had another lineup that all six guys made the cut, and at one point had three guys tied for 1st and I … only won $8. Do you know how hard it is to do that? It takes true depths of mediocrity.

So, that’s who you are reading and if you’re wise, you’ll avoid the following players, because these are my guys this week:

Bryson DeChambeau ($11,100) – The ThiccBoi impressed me at Harding Park, and honestly it’s hard to bet against him … so I’m betting ON him. It’s just that simple.

This picture will never not be funny to me.

Webb Simpson ($9,500) – Webb did his usual thing at the Wyndham, and he’s #3 in FedEx points right now. While this is the kind of statement that often backfires on me, it’s hard to not see him at least earning his money here this weekend and finishing in the top-20.

Viktor here is wondering if like, what if we all exist in some giant’s fingernail or something, man?

Viktor Hovland ($8,200) – Hovland may look perpetually like he just ate one too many edibles, but his game is legit and this feels like the kind of tournament where at the end of the weekend, everyone will be scrambling to say that it was his time to shine, etc. Why? I have no idea.

Billy Horschel ($7,900) – Yes, Horschel won the FedEx Cup before and there IS that history. But he also played his balls off last weekend and that’s important here too.

I’d make fun of Billy Horschel, but … he kind of is pulling off hot pink pants and I have to admire that.

Zach Johnson ($6,800) – I’m not really much of a Zach fan, and I know I’m not alone. His game just isn’t interesting to watch. But you’re crazy to ignore the fact that he fought tooth and nail to make these playoffs and when someone is playing well, I want in.

Tom Hoge ($6,400) – I was so mad when Hoge led after 36 holes last week, as he’d been in my lineup until the last minute. He’s back in it now, which means he’s sure to post an 84 or so on Thursday.

So, that’s my lineup. (Or, at least, the one I’m posting publicly.) Be smart, and avoid these players!

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